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​​AmSteel®-Blue slings help InterMoor complete challenging deepwater installation project for Shell in Brazil. More>

​​Samson and SWOS worked directly with Technip to develop a synthetic heavylift sling solution to accomplish one of the deepest subsea installations in the Gulf of Mexico. More>

Samson's synthetic ropes were used to replace inadequate wire ropes in this riser column installation. More>

​​AmSteel®-Blue slings made the installation of 140 monopiles for the Greater Gabbard project easier and safer to handle, achieving better results than anticipated. More>

The Samson Advantage goes above and beyond expectations to achieve successful anchor chain and riser installations in Jubilee Field. More>
Synthetic lines made Technip's first-ever open-sea catamaran topsides floatover installation a success in multiple applications. More>
Shell's first use of synthetic rigging for this tow-out and offshore positioning resulted in numerous operational and HSSE benefits. More>
Delmar Systems partnered with Samson to develop a custom, high-performance, anchor-retrieval line. More>

Quantum-8 heavy lift slings facilitated the speed installation of an offshore jacket, outperforming both cable-laid wire and synthetic webbing slings that were previously used. More> Samson worked with Logan Industries to provide a unique winch system and rope for the Perdido Spar, weighing 85% less than similarly sized wire rope and greatly reducing deck weight. More> Quantum-8 with DPX™ fiber technology provided the grip needed for this custom tapered winch line. More>



"K" Line LNG Shipping (UK) navigates new locks with Samson.

Samson high-performance synthetic winch lines significantly reduce pre-launch rigging times. More>
Samson 12-strand lines made with Dyneema® SK78 fiber replace failing jacketed mooring lines. More>
AmSteel®-Blue mooring lines reduce mooring time by 50% and improve crew safety. More>

The Stena Performance, a P-Max class tanker designed for safety and performance, was able to reduce their mooring time from 3 hours to 30 minutes after switching to AmSteel®-Blue mooring lines. More>


Svitzer A/S
Underground mines can see numerous benefits from replacing wire rope with synthetic solutions. More>

​​​Mines can expect to see meaningful reductions in injury and valuable time and overall cost savings when switching from wire to synthetics. More> ​Shell's first use of synthetic rigging for this tow-out and offshore positioning resulted in numerous operational and HSSE benefits. More>
High-Performance Synthetics Help Craneless Wind Turbine Blade Replacement System Work Flawlessly. More>

Wind Turbine Replacement
K-100™ Improves worksite safety and efficiency More>

K-100™ Is Pulling Its Weight For The U.S. Navy More>


Viant Crane and Samson K-100 Synthetic Hoist Lines More>


High-performance synthetics help craneless wind turbine blade Replacement System work flawlessly. More>