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Dynalene YellowSamson's high-performance synthetic ropes have been engineered to provide ease of handling, extreme strength, and long service life. Dyneema® fiber, a major component in many of Samson's high-performance ropes, is exceptionally ​resistant to cuts and abrasion. While properly designed and engineered ropes take maximum advantage of this resistance, in real world environments, additional protection from abrasion and cutting significantly increases service life.

Samson has committed substantial research and development resources to designing chafe protection products that maximize the service life of our ropes. The result is a family of products perfectly suited to combat the causes of cutting and abrasion encountered in the field. Because each application has its own characteristics, Samson has developed a full range of options to protect your investment and ensure the longest service life for all your working ropes. Any of our chafe options can be factory-installed prior to shipment or ordered in bulk for field installation.