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Samson has two locations: Ferndale, Washington, home of corporate headquarters and a 115,000 square foot manufacturing facility; and Lafayette, Louisiana, home of professional offices and a 108,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

The corporate headquarters is home to the executive staff, customer service, marketing, and accounting. Operations, human resources, purchasing, and research and development are staffed in both locations.

Both plants have some of the most modern equipment available today. For example, a 1.1 million pound rope break-testing machine routinely tests the strength of rope in Ferndale; and the world's largest 12-strand braider is operated at our Lafayette plant.

Both of these locations are close to ports that ship worldwide: Ferndale accesses Asia Pacific and Lafayette accesses the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic. On a personal level, both locations provide unique opportunities for exceptional quality of life.

Ferndale, Washington Lafayette, Louisiana
Ferndale is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
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Lafayette is located in the heart of Cajun country. 
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