With 19 years at Samson and nearly 40 serving the commercial marine and fishing industries, Terry Crump, Director of Sales for the Americas at Samson, retired at the end of February, 2017. Terry
’s first post at Samson was as the General Manager of First Washington Net. His role expanded to include Commercial Fishing Category Manager, West Coast Regional Sales Manager for Commercial Marine, General Sales Manager Commercial Marine, and, finally, Director of Sales for the Americas.
Those who dealt with Terry over the years appreciate the experience and knowledge he brought to solving the most critical of problems in a diverse industry. Customers came first—and they knew it. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


How he came to acquire that depth of knowledge is a story unto itself—here’s the condensed version: Born to an Air Force family in Seattle, he moved around until returning to Edmonds, Washington in the early 1960s. After 2-1/2 years at Washington State University (WSU), he entered the Army’s Warrant Officer Program, graduating at the top of his class. During the Vietnam War, Terry was a pilot on AH-1 Cobra Gunships. He flew classified missions, and was awarded 7 Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Bronze Star, and 26 Air Medals along with other awards for service during the conflict.
After his service, Terry enrolled in Western Washington University to finish his degrees in Math and Education. He spent his summers working in the Alaska fishery where he worked with Samson ropes for the first time.

Solving difficult problems with the resources at hand was part of Terry’s stock in trade.
Over the years, customers took full advantage of his knowledge and his willingness to share it —often after hours or on weekends. Emergency or not, customers and employees could always depend on a quick and knowledgeable response.

After graduation and a short time teaching math in Australia, Terry returned to Whatcom County and found work with Lummi Fishery Supply (LFS). At the time, LFS was the largest independent distributor of Samson products. This is where Terry’s expertise in synthetic rope really took root. He rose to Executive Vice President during his tenure at LFS, then joined First Washington Net, later acquired by Samson where he served as General Manager.Terry brought his background of diverse experience to Samson taking care of customers and leading the sales team for commercial marine and fishing. He brought the “street smarts” of someone who both worked with and distributed the products, and the ability to educate the customer on ways to provide a safer, more efficient workplace. 


The magnitude of Terry’s contribution to the industry was marked by The ABR Company Ltd, publishers of International Tug & OSV Magazine and organizers of the ITS Convention and Tugnology Conference. At the 2016 ITS Convention in Boston, Allan Bruton Reed, owner of The ABR Company, honored Terry with a coveted Silver Armada dish—recognition for his influence as a key leader in the changes Samson has brought to the Tug Industry. Fitting tribute to someone who has been instrumental in developing those changes.
Terry is missed both in the offices here at Samson, and on the docks and decks of his customers’ vessels. We wish him happy travels in his new trailer, enjoyable hours in his workshop, and continued success on the golf course.

​  ABOVE: Dedicated to the last, Terry and John Glaser spent his last day at Samson
 on board a customer’s vessel.

“…and on the final day to get up early, take a shuttle vessel with winds and rough seas, board a Chevron VLCC, interfacing with the captain and crew, completing the inspection, heading back in on the launch vessel, and running to the airport only to find that your flight is delayed due to bad weather, using the time to sit down and work on your last inspection report…seems very fitting.”

VOYAGER Samson introduced Voyager, a new double braid, 24-strand cover Arborist climbing line. At 15/32" (11.8 mm) diameter, Voyager joins Samson’s V-Series of Arborist climbing lines fitting between Vortex 1/2" (12.7 mm) and Velocity 7/16" (11.0 mm). Voyager works well with modern climbing hardware and is excellent for footlocking and single-rope climbing techniques. Its unique neon green, blue and white cover allows easy identification in the tree.
PANTHER RECOVERY SLING Recovering heavy equipment just got a little easier and a lot safer. Panther slings, specifically designed for towing/recovery, have a strength member of multiple grommets—all made from 12-strand Dyneema SK78 fiber and covered with 100% HMPE heavy duty chafe protection. The result is a lightweight, ultra-high performance tow line that is a fraction of the weight of either wire rope or chain. Panther recovery slings are available in strengths from 25 to 365 metric tons and lengths from 0.5 to 15 meters. 
EVERSTEEL-X is the first line to be designed specifically for floating storage regasification units (FSRU) mooring applications, using Dyneema Max DM20 technology to achieve superior creep performance and flex-fatigue resistance. It is a torque-free 12-strand single-braid that is optimized in strength-to-size and strength-to-weight ratios. Size-for-size, it has the same strength as steel, but it’s so light, it floats. With the addition of a Samson proprietary coating, EverSteel-X is designed for long-term, continuous load conditions, and will last for long-term FSRU mooring applications.

LARGE FID KIT Samson now offers a Large Fid Kit with six tubular aluminum fids ranging in size from 1/2" to 1" in diameter. The Large Fid Kit joins the Samson Splicing Kit, which has five tubular aluminum fids ranging from 1/4" to 1/2" diameters. The combination will cover splicing ropes from 1/4" through 1" in diameter.




Lloyd Myles, President of Atlantic Marine and Industrial Rigging in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, identifies his company as the “best known rope works shop in Canada.” Serving the industrial marine and rigging community since 1966, Lloyd may be one of the longest-lived distributor relationships that Samson enjoys.

Lloyd tells of sending money orders purchased from the post office to Boston to make his early Samson purchases, while building his inventory one order at a time. He’s a self-taught splicer, and recalls that $2 bought him the Samson Splice Training Kit—a splicing manual, two samples of rope, a fid and a pusher. He reminisces that “All the doorknobs in my trailer were torn off, from teaching myself to splice, and I had too many blisters to count.” Lloyd now has two full-time splicers on staff, both trained personally.


Atlantic Rigging sells rope to end users and distributors in a wide variety of industries: mining, fishing, forestry, pulp & paper, construction, search & rescue, and, most prominently, public utilities. Their work supporting public utilities spans Canada. They have distributors in every province in Canada, and five states in the United States.
AmSteel®-Blue is the largest seller for Atlantic Rigging. Like Samson, Atlantic Rigging is very proud of their product and the relationship they have with their customers—they strongly support the Samson messaging that “Not All HMPE is the Same” with bulletins and local advertising of their own. When a customer called to complain about the performance of what was thought to be AmSteel®-Blue, Lloyd took the time to uncover the fact that the product in question was not, in fact, AmSteel®-Blue. He explained the differences, and converted that customer to Samson.
Atlantic Rigging has built a well-deserved reputation for meeting the needs of their customers with quality products and short turnarounds. Lloyd prides himself on keeping large stocks of Samson products for just this reason. He guarantees that Atlantic Rigging carries more stock of AmSteel®-Blue from 3/16” to 1” than anyone else in Canada and can meet demand in a way that other distributors still can’t match.
Lloyd speaks highly of Samson customer service. “Linda Hughes is the BEST...she treats me great! I talk to her every day, and I talk to Samson sales regularly—I support Samson and they support me.”

Lloyd says, “I stand behind my products, 100%.
That’s why you’ll only find Samson rope in my shop.
Others may offer substitutes. Not me.”

Atlantic Rigging has more than doubled in the years that Lloyd has been partnering with Samson. He’s a one-stop shop. His customers can get the ropes, slings, and all the hardware they need from him. 
Lloyd is carrying Atlantic Rigging forward with the industry—after several electrocutions suffered by the local power company, Lloyd suggested that double-braid synthetic ropes could be used in place of steel-wire rope, making the operation safer and more efficient. Lloyd continues to be instrumental in beating the drum for the adoption of synthetics in place of steel wires in utility, mining, recreation, and more.  
It’s all about relationships. Lloyd is proud to say that he treats people who come in off the street the same way he treats his largest customers. Always looking to educate folks about rope products, he takes every opportunity to build those long-term relationships, believing that if you treat people well and share your passion, they will be back for more.


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Samson’s Ferndale location won the 2016 Whatcom County Spirit of United Way Award for our year’s campaign. The Spirit of United Way Award acknowledges a company whose employees went above and beyond for the United Way effort, pitching in and working together, being creative and working exceptionally hard to have positive campaign results. The award was presented at the United Way of Whatcom County Campaign Celebration Event, on Thursday, March 9th, at the Silver Reef Event Center in Ferndale.

Award presented by Peter Theisen, President & CEO of the United Way
(third from right) of Whatcom County. The Samson employees representing (left to right) are: Selma Ireland, Karma Reavis, Marlene Weston MacIntosh, Patricia Boteler, Raquel Hansen; Paul Murphy, and David Hewitt.


A large contingent of Samson employees from the Lafayette location, together with family and friends, participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure on Saturday, March 25, 2017. A beautiful day provided the backdrop of the team’s fundraising.


2016 marked a record year for Samson and its employees, as charitable giving to United Way of Acadiana totaled the highest it’s been in three years!

Even in the midst of a tough economic environment that Lafayette and surrounding communities are facing, the people at Samson stepped up to the plate and increased employee giving by 35%, with the total coming in at $4,523.

Employees also got creative, raising another $930 through special events like the Spin to Win event, Airplane Throwing Contest, Raffles for a Coach purse, and tickets to a Saints game. That’s more money going back into the community for United Way of Acadiana’s mission to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community.
Samson’s commitment to the community was also reaffirmed at the corporate level, with an additional $4,988 being added to the total. $2,500 of that will go towards supporting United Way of Acadiana’s Corporate Cornerstone program.

In total, Samson donated $10,441. As a result of these efforts, Samson was presented with United Way of Acadiana’s Gold Award, given only to those companies with a 10% or more increase in employee giving year over year. This award was presented to Samson by their local United way representative, Nicole Rebstock.


FROM LEFT: Simone Broussard, Byron Peltier, Sadie Polk, Shannon Savoie, David Cameron, Glenda Wiltz, Nicole Laperouse and Lisa Martin.








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