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Strong Relationship Delivers Customer Benefits

The strong and successful partnership between Samson— “The Strongest Name in Rope”— and DSM Dyneema—Creator of Dyneema® “The World’s Strongest Fiber”—is delivering innovative, high-quality solutions for customers around the world.
As a leader in rope design and manufacturing, Samson has a long history of supplying synthetic lines made with Dyneema® to all markets, with a proven track record of high performance and long service life. In the LNG marketplace, the two companies have collaborated since 1996, when AmSteel®-Blue was developed to take full advantage of the benefits of 100% Dyneema®, and quickly became the most trusted steel wire rope replacement on the market.
According to DSM Dyneema President Gerard de Reuver, Samson was DSM Dyneema’s first ever trademark license partner, “Samson’s incorporation and promotion of the Dyneema® brand and  materials with their high-quality products have been instrumental in the success of DSM Dyneema in the rope and LNG mooring line markets.” Mr. de Reuver adds, “In fact, the total volume of business we have done with Samson, currently makes the company the single largest DSM Dyneema customer.”
Samson CEO,Tony Bon adds, “Samson has been working with DSM Dyneema since we converted our first tanker fleet to AmSteel®-Blue in the 1990s. DSM is our largest supplier, and through our partnership we leverage each other’s application knowledge and technical capabilities through joint development and testing programs. This collaboration has allowed us to deliver the best combinations of fibers, rope constructions and coatings to our customers, resulting in improved performance, reliability, and service life.”
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