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Samson recommends the use of mooring pendants with our primary high-performance mooring lines to provide elasticity in the mooring system. This elasticity provides safer operations, and protection from surging and shock loading, especially in exposed mooring berths. Pendants also provide long-term performance benefits and longer service life.
The tails are to be connected to the primary mooring line by cow hitch (see figure below), or by shackle or link (typically Mandel, Tonsburg, or Boss).
Per OCIMF guidelines, it is recommended to retire mooring tails after 18 months of use, or prior to residual strength reduction to 60% of the original minimum break strength (MBS).
The standard recommended overall length for mooring tails is 11 meters (36.1 feet); however, for exposed moorings a 22 meter (72.2 foot) tail provides additional elongation in the mooring arrangement.
Per OCIMF guidelines, polyester and blended mooring tails have a 25% higher MBS, and nylon (or polyamide) mooring tails should have 37% higher MBS than the primary mooring line.

Standard single-leg pendants have a 2 meter (6.6 foot) soft eye on one end and a 1 meter (3.3 foot) soft eye on the other end. Hardware and chafe protection can be added upon request.

Grommet drawing.jpgGrommet (Strop)
Standard grommet pendants have 2 meter (6.6 foot) and 1 meter (3.3 foot) soft eyes formed by lashings. The body of the grommet is lashed together 3 meters (9.8 feet) from each eye lashing. Grommet strength is 1.6x the single-leg rope strengths. Hardware, chafe protection, and additional whipping can be added upon request.
cow hitch drawing.jpg
After properly installing the mooring lines on the winch drum, the pendants should be attached to the working end of the mooring line. This is done by a cow hitch connection per OCIMF guidelines.
HTP-12 Pendant is a round-plaited 12-strand construction of high-tenacity polyester treated with our proprietary Pro-Gard Marine Finish. It has been tested and proven to meet the OCIMF guidelines of 85% strength efficiency for cow-hitch connections. HTP-12 is a safer, more efficient mooring pendant that provides higher residual strength when compared with parallel-core type constructions. Find specifications here>
RP-12 Nylon Pendant is a round-plaited 12-strand construction of nylon treated with our proprietary Pro-Gard Marine Finish. This combination provides reduced wet-strength loss, improved abrasion resistance, and high energy-absorbing properties in single-leg or grommet pendant. This line meets OCIMF guidelines and, in 22 meter (72.2 foot) lengths, provides additional elongation for exposed terminal moorings. Find specifications here>
MP-1 Pendant is an 8-strand non-rotational rope with excellent abrasion and wear resistance for use as a pendant in vessel mooring applications. It has been proven to provide superior strength retention and abrasion resistance with extensive use. MP-1 also utilizes a polyester/polyolefin blend that provides a 10% lower linear density (lbs./ft.) compared to traditional 100% polyester fiber pendant constructions. This decreased weight makes for easier handling by crew members in mooring situations. Find specifications here>