Spool, shield, and shackle
Easily installed into or removed from a premade soft eye. Nylite spool is only 1/7th the weight of steel. Connectors will not deform or rupture from repeated loadings. The shackle takes advantage of the high-strength Nylite connector and synthetic rope.

Working Details

  • Working loads, as given, are based on pin-bore relationships provided by use of the Nylite Shackle. When using a non-standard pin, the workding load as given DOES NOT APPLY.
  • The HP aluminum spool is available for use with high-performance Class II ropes in sizes -1 through -5.
  • Aluminum spools are not recommended for continuous use in submerged marine environments.
  • All working load values are based on a 4:1 safety factor.

Assembly ratings are based on the use of designated spools and shackles. Spools used in conjunction with other hardware are not rated by Samson.


Nylite Spool          HP Aluminum Spool

NYLITE SPOOLS Product Code: 969  ​ NYLITE SHIELDS Product Code: 968  ​ SHACKLES Product Code: 961


CLASS I ASSEMBLY Nylite Assembly with Nylon Spool

CLASS II ASSEMBLY Nylite Assembly with HP Aluminum Spool​