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Product Code:844


Specific Gravity:.98

Splice:12-Strand Class II

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EverSteel-X is an enabling rope technology, taking high-modulus polyethylene to previously unrealized performance levels. EverSteel-X is an excellent wire rope replacement with extremely low stretch, superior flex fatigue, length stability over time and excellent wear resistance. It is designed to prevent abrasion through superior coating technology, utilizing Dyneema® Max Technology to achieve superior creep performance for improved service life in applications where creep results from long-term static loading. EverSteel-X is also available in blue/black in sizes greater than 1-9/16” for twist identification.
Elastic Elongation:
DIAM. (inch)CIRC. (inch)WEIGHT PER 100 FT. (lbs)AVG. STRENGTH (lbs)MIN. STRENGTH (lbs)DIAM. (mm)CIRC. (mm)WEIGHT PER 100 M (kg)AVG. STRENGTH (kg)MIN. STRENGTH (kg)ISO 2307 STRENGTH (metric tons)
1 5/8559.7285,000256,0004012088.8129,000116,000129
1 11/165 1/465.7312,000280,0004212697.7141,000127,000141
1 3/45 1/271.6342,000308,00044132107155,000140,000155
1 7/85 5/876360,000324,00046136113163,000147,000163

Avg/Min str is spliced. BS EN ISO 2307:20 replaces BS EN 919 and ISO 2307:1995 for unspliced strengths. Available in blue/black for applications requiring twist identification, in sizes above 38mm.


  • Primary Mooring Line

Features and Benefits

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Flex-fatigue resistant
  • Floats in Water
  • Made with Dyneema® DM20
  • Size-for-size as strong as wire
  • Superior creep performance