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    The athletes of the utility industry - strong enough to tackle the heaviest loads, yet light enough to be dependably handled by man or machine. Long and strong, they also withstand miles of use and abuse and keep on working to get the job done. The right rope makes quick work of handling conductors, whether they're aerial or underground. Whether it's the economy of traditional fibers like polyester or the high performance of Dyneema®, Samson sets the standard in pulling and stringing lines for the utility industry.



Pulling / Stringing LineProductConstructionFiber (Core/Cover)
AMSTEEL® II - CoatedCore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® - MFP Blend / Polyester
AMSTEEL® II PLUS - CoatedCore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® / Polyester
AMSTEEL® II PLUS - UncoatedCore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® / Polyester
DURA-PLEX - Coated12-StrandPolypropylene-Polyester Blend
DURA-PLEX - Uncoated12-StrandPolypropylene - Polyester Blend
QUIK-SPLICE12-StrandUltra Blue Polyolefin
STABLE BRAID - CoatedDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
STABLE BRAID - UncoatedDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
STABLE BRAID BLACKDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester