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Spinnaker GuyProductConstructionFiber (Core/Cover)
CONTROL-DPX12-StrandDyneema® - Polyester Blend
ULTRA-TECHCore Dependent Double BraidTechnora® / Polyester
VALIDATOR IICore Dependent Double BraidVectran® / Polyester
WARPSPEED IIDouble BraidDyneema® / Polyester
WARPSPEED WHITECore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® / Polyester
XLS EXTRACore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® - MFP Blend / MFP
XLS EXTRA TCore Dependent Double BraidDyneema® - MFP Blend / Polyester
XLS SOLID COLORDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester
XLS YACHT BRAIDDouble BraidPolyester / Polyester