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Modern Split-Tail Climbing System
Advances in technology have led to new techniques
that offer additional benefits to the traditional system.
The split-tail climbing system provides the ability to
replace the tail without reducing the length of the climbing
line. Two attachment points on the saddle offer added
comfort and working positioning. The split-tail system
also makes it easier to change the tie-in point, helps make
the climbing line more versatile, and allows you to use the
climbing line as a second lanyard. Contrasting colors also
make it easier to identify lines.







Traditional Climbing System
The traditional climbing system utilizes a
climbing line dead-ended to the saddle with
a bowline, leaving a long tail. The tail is then
attached to the other part of the climbing line
by tying a climbing hitch. This system is limited
to a one-eye tail and the tail is the same rope
as the climbing line.