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Please note that all downloadable documents on this page are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF). If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free here.

Samson's research and development team has extensive knowledge in chemical, mechanical, and textile engineering, as well as polymer and materials science.  If you have questions that are not answered by the technical bulletins below, please contact us. 



Impact of Elevated Temperatures on K-100 Synthetic Crane Hoist Line
Evaluating the impact of elevated ambient and conductive temperature on the strength of sythetic rope.

Type Approval Certificate
A type approval demonstrates that our product conforms to industry quality standards through a provess of independent design review, sample testing, and verification of production controls.

Tension Fatigue Testing
Determining expected operating life for high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) ropes using tension fatigue testing and the Thousand Cycle Load Limit (TCLL) test.




Abrasion Testing for Mining Working Lines
Working lines used in underground mining applications face extremely abusive environments. In order to improve rope life under these conditions, testing has been designed to explore the effect of these conditions on synthetic ropes.

AmSteel®-Blue FAQs
Answers to commonly asked questions about AmSteel®-Blue; such as, "How will AmSteel®-Blue synthetic line wear compared to wire line?"

Coefficient of Friction (CoF)
Answering what CoF is and why it's relevant.

DPXTM- Innovative Fiber Technology
Explanation and benefits of Samson's proprietary DPXTM technology.

Effect of Twist on Braided Rope
Twist reduces the strength of a braided rope and can lead to unexpected failures. In order to avoid this, it is important to be able to identify twist in a rope, take appropriate actions to remove it from the line, and prevent further twisting.

Effect of Ultraviolet Light on K-100
Proving the effectiveness of K-100's proprietary coating to mitigate UV degradation

Flame Retardent, Anti-Static (FRAS) Requirements and Synthetic Ropes in Mining Applications
Addressing the factors of FRAS that limit risks posed by rope.

Handling Techniques for 8-Strand, High-Performance Ropes on H-Bitts
A guide to proper handling of high-performance, 8-strand ropes on H-Bitts to avoid twist.

HMPE Ropes - Effects of Post Production Process
An evaluation of post production processes and the effects on rope strength.

HMPE Ropes and Chocks - Closed vs. Roller
An evaluation of closed chocks and roller chocks to determine which is best suited for use with HMPE ropes.

HMPE Ropes - Design vs. Performance
Not all high modulous polyethylene (HMPE) ropes are created equal. This study demonstrates the importance of detailed design factors to the performance and service life of a rope.

How Cold Can You Go
A study of the performance of Samson lines in extremely cold environments.

How Long is a Piece of Rope
Information on the recommendations and standards for measuring rope.

Inspection and Retirement Criteria Development
The visual inspection of synthetic ropes is critical. However, common language and standardization has previously been lacking from the industry.  This study alleviates that problem with technical reference materials.

Mixed Moorings
The effects of using Dyneema® fiber mooring lines with wire rope mooring lines.

Retrofitting ships from wire rope mooring lines to high-performance Samson mooring lines.

Rope Measurement
Standards and procedures used by Samson to measure rope.

Surface Prep for Synthetic Ropes
Recommendations for surface preparation for synthetic ropes.

Tanker Mooring in Hot Climates
Details the effects of tanker mooring with AmSteel®-Blue in high-temperature climates.

Tug Messenger Line Attachment
Samson has identified potential issues with the typical messenger line to tow line attachment and has provided recommended alternatives.

Understanding Creep
Understanding the properties, phases, and effects of creep on a rope.

Vulcan: A Synthetic Emergency Tow-Off Pendant
Emergency tow-off pendants, or "fire wires," provide a means of towing the ship away from the dock in event of a fire. Wire rope is commonly used in this application, but results in many injuries to deck hands.  Samson has developed a synthetic alternative that reduces both maintenance costs and injuries.