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Please note that all downloadable documents on this page are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF). If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free here.
Inspection Criteria for HMPE Rope
Oceans 2013 © 2013 IEEE Proceedings of OCEANS '13 MTS/IEEE Bergen
Authorship: Dustin Heins and Greg Mozsgai, Samson; and Angelo Tanzarella, Endenburg
High Temperature Resistant Rope
International Tug and Salvage, May 2012
Authorship: Danielle Stenvers
Synthetic "Mud Ropes" for Offshore Mooring Applications - Field History and Testing Data
Oceans 2011, September 2011
Authorship: Justin Gilmore, Jason D. Pasternak, John Shelton
Vulcan: Synthetic ETOPS
Informal Tanker Operators Safety Forum, February 2011
Authorship: Danielle Stenvers
Tensile Behavior of Ropes Composed of Fiber Blends
The 6th International Specialty High Performance Polymer Fibres Conference, July 2010
Authorship: Greg Mozsgai
Hurricane-Resistant Mooring System - Enabling Technology Through the Use of Synthetic Ropes
Offshore Technology Conference, May 2009
Authorship: J. Gilmore, and R. Chou, Ph.D., Samson; and E.H. Zimmerman, JD, Delmar Systems, Inc.
When Should a Towline be Retired?
Tugnology, May 2009
Authorship: Kris Volpenhein and Robin Collett
Abrasion and Twist Effects on High-Performance Synthetic Ropes for Towing Application
Tug and Salvage Technology Symposium, January 2009

Authorship: Kris Volpenhein and Rafael Chou
Deepwater Synthetic Lowering and Lifting with Enhanced Cyclic Bend Fatigue Resistance
Deep Offshore Technology, February 2009
Authorship: Justin Gilmore and Robert Thomas
Abrasion and Fiber Fatigue in High-Performance Synthetic Ropes for Ship Escort and Berthing
International Tug and Salvage, June 2008
Authorship: Terry Crump, Kris Volpenhein, Dennis Sherman and Rafael Chou
New Rope Technologies in Marine Applications
International Salvage and Rescue Conference, September 2008
Authorship: Rafael Chou and Denny Lam
Some Recent Developments of Rope Technologies — Further Enhancements of High Performance Ropes
Oceans MTS/IEEE Conference, October 2008
Authorship: Justin Gilmore, Danielle Stenvers and Rafael Chou
Mooring with High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) Fiber Line
OSEA 2006
Authorship: Justin Gilmore, Jon Miller and Rafael Chou
Synthetic Ropes in Logging
Council on Forest Engineering 2006
Oregon State University Rope in Logging Conference, December 2005
Authorship: Rafael Chou, Michael Daughters and Danielle Stenvers
Why HMPE Ropes Should be Considered in Offshore Use as Well as Towing and Mooring Applications
Chinese Salvage, July 2006
Authorship: Jon Miller, John Morton, Justin Gilmore and Rafael Chou
Bending Fatigue Enhancement of Synthetic Fiber Rope
6th International Rope Technology Workshop (IRTW), March 2006
Authorship: Jonathon Miller, Danielle Stenvers, Justin Gilmore, and Rafael Chou
Synthetic HMPE Rope Applications in Hot Climates
Fiber Society Conference, Cornell University, October 2004
Authorship: Eric McCorkle, Danielle Stenvers, James Byrne, Rafael Chou, and Edwin Grootendorst
Abrasion and Residual Strength of Fiber Tug Lines
International Tug & Salvage, April 2004
Authorship: Eric McCorkle, Rafael Chou, Danielle Stenvers, and Paul Smeets
Mooring Lines with Reduced Recoil Properties — Design, Analysis, and Standardization
Oceans 2004, November 2004
Authorship: Danielle Stenvers, Wolfgang Wilke, Eric McCorkle, and Rafael Chou
Emerging Technology: DPX Jacketed Mooring Lines
Oceans 2005, September 2005
Authorship: Jonathon Miller, Danielle Stenvers, Rafael Chou, and Justin Gilmore
HMPE Ropes in the Trawl Industry
Fish Expo, November 2003
Authorship: Eric McCorkle
High Performance Synthetic Ropes
Invited Lecture, Cornell University, October 2003
Invited Lecture, Textile Research Institute Fiber Symposium, November 2002
Authorship: Rafael Chou
Fatigue and Residual Strength of Fiber Rope Tug Lines
Oceans 2003, September 2003
Authorship: Eric McCorkle, Danielle Stenvers, Rafael Chou, Paul Smeets, Martin Vlasblom and Edwin Grootendorst
Dynamic Fatigue of High Performance Synthetic Fiber Ropes
Polymer 2002 Conference, Manchester, UK, July 2002
Authorship: Danielle Stenvers and Rafael Chou
Testing of High Strength Synthetic Ropes
Polymer 2002 Conference, Manchester, UK, July 2002
Authorship: Danielle Stenvers and Rafael Chou
Residual Strength Testing on Dyneema Fiber Tug Lines
International Tug & Salvage Convention and Exhibition, May 2002
Authorship: Phil Roberts, Danielle Stenvers and Paul Smeets