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Professional arborists have found Tenex and Tenex-TEC to be the perfect products for producing these fabricated rope tools.



Endless Loop Sling
Sometimes called a fixed loop, this tools is constructed using an end-for-end splice. It is commonly used for a re-direct, foothold, or other useful applications.





This is an adjustable loop sling generally used in rigging applications. It is constructed using an end-for-end splice.  It it important to note that when the sling is "choked" the attachment point for the sling is through the center of the buried part.






Tenex Eye-and-Eye Tail
The eye-and-eye tail is a spliced section of cordage that is used to form the climbing hitch in a split-tail climbing system. It has small eyes on both ends and is used primarily for climbing hitches such as the Valdotain, Distel, or Schwabisch.










Spider Leg Balancer
This is a variation of the TreeRig sling with an extra long eye spliced into one end. This would be used either singly or with multiple spider balancers, in conjunction with a rigging line, to balance pieces being lowered to the ground. It is recommended that the spider balancer be sized 1/8" smaller than the rigging line.