Samson Synthetic Rope Solutions
Work Strong, Work Light

Samson, the worldwide leader in high-performance rope, is at the forefront of innovation, with superior synthetic solutions. Using advanced rope technology, Samson products deliver increased strength and safety, while lowering total cost of ownership. This gives our customers an easier, more efficient way to work, while improving their competitiveness and bottom-line profitability.
Samson partners with its customers to provide optimized solutions through a combination of design expertise, product performance, and field support. With the most advanced R&D organization in the cordage industry, we can develop and deliver products that meet your unique needs. In this way, your performance and efficiency go up, as your cost of ownership goes down.
The Samson Advantage
High performance: lightweight synthetic ropes replace wire rope, chain, or other commodity synthetics
Cost-effective: products improve efficiency, reduce the cost of operations, and provide long-term value
Safer: easier to handle, lighter products mean safer working conditions
130+ Years in business
Industries served
Construction, Crane, Offshore Energy, Mining, Aerospace, Vessel Mooring, Rescue, Utility, Workboat, Military
World-class service and support
  • Technical consultation for the product that best suits your needs.
  • On-site training in usage, inspection, handling, and retirement criteria
  • Comprehensive technical support materials
  • Authorized distributor network available with ready inventory and fabrication specialists for fast response






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K-100TM Hoist Line
Mobile Crane Synthetic Hoist Line
For decades, steel wire hoist lines were standard for crane operators, despite the challenges and disadvantages. Now K-100, the first synthetic hoist line designed specifically for mobile cranes, delivers breakthroughs for safety and ease of use in lifting larger payloads at greater reaches.  
K-100 is 80% lighter than the wire it replaces, with the same line pull and load chart as wire. It is the first and only OEM-approved, commercially operating synthetic crane hoist line for mobile cranes
in the market.
Benefits Over Wire Rope
  • It’s easier to handle for reeving and installation, saving you time and injuries.
  • Fewer change-outs caused by kinking, bird caging or diving.
  • Braided, torque-neutral construction significantly reduces load spin, which improves safety.
  • It’s durable and doesn’t suffer bend fatigue like wire rope, improving its overall longevity.
  • K-100 is made of non-metallic fibers, so it will not rust and does not require lubrication. 
Lighter means
Easier to Use / Safer to Handle / Faster to Deploy

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AGILETM Lifting System

Samson’s Next Generation Heavy-lift Synthetic Sling  

As heavy-lift payloads continue to increase, the possibility of costly delays, safety risks, and inflating operating expenses go up as well. The AGILE Lifting System addresses these concerns by combining the advantages of both round and rope slings into one lightweight, easy-to-handle rigging system for heavy payloads utilizing Samson’s proven rope technology of
AmSteel®-Blue synthetic lines.

AGILE Delivers
  • Sling strengths from 50t to 4,000t.
  • Advanced proprietary software = precise sling designs with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Fabrication / fulfillment achieved in just days.
  • Safer, faster handling
  • Reduced rigging time
  • Increased lift capacity
  • No need for auxiliary cranes to support


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Utility Product Line

Winch, Pulling, Stringing, and Hand lines

Strong. Safe. Reliable.
Strong enough to tackle the heaviest loads and longest pulls, yet light enough to be easily handled by man or machine, these utility products work like champions. Durable hand lines stand up to rigorous bending, with excellent grip to prevent slips and enable quick and efficient lifts. In addition, the firm construction of Samson’s range of winch lines work well on winch drums, and give long-lasting performance.  For long pulls, where strength and durability are key, Samson stringing lines go the distance.

  • Winch lines — available in single or double-braid constructions
  • Pulling and String lines — long and strong to withstand miles of use and abuse
  • Hand lines — available in 3-strand or 12-strand constructions

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