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With over 8,000 lines in service, Samson’s experience in high-performance synthetic rope solutions for vessel mooring is unmatched. For years, our customers have relied on Samson products and services for everything from steel wire replacement to synthetic upgrade in a range of applications, ultimately resulting in requirements for fewer crew members, shorter mooring operations, and safer, easier handling. 
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new integrated technology and service solution: IcariaTM. Icaria is designed to facilitate the transition process to MEG4 operational best practices and further reduce operational risk.
Learn more about Icaria and how it can increase efficiency for your organization.


Learn More about Icaria for Mooring 

EverSteel-X is a line designed specifically for FSRUs (Floating Storage Regasification Units) and other semi-permanent mooring applications.    

EverSteel-X utilizes Dyneema® DM20 fiber, which provides necessary dimensional stability and high-quality performance over long periods of continuous loading, and performs well in long-term quay-side mooring arrangements. Its 12-strand construction enables thorough, easy inspection and line cropping, to allow for effective long-term maintenance. The rope’s bold, bi-color blue and black stranding also allows for easy twist identification. These features result in a more efficient, ultimately more reliable, mooring arrangement.




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Wistia video thumbnail
Abrasion Testing by Dyneema®
​​Understanding Creep by Dyneema®