Samson Introduces the Latest in Mooring Line Innovation

Jul 08, 2020


Ferndale, WA July 8, 2020 — Samson, the leading developer of high-performance synthetic rope solutions and global market leader in commercial marine applications, is pleased to announce their latest innovations designed to enhance safety in mooring operations.  With three new products designed to meet the needs of the diverse customer base, Samson has a solution for everyone.  Samson is pleased to introduce the new and improved, EverSteel®-X, Amsteel®-X and SureSteelTM.

EverSteel-X, brings unmatched innovation to Samson’s offering.  Designed for semi-permanent mooring, Samson has implemented several new features designed to improve rope lifetime, operational efficiency and safety. Enhanced and proprietary coating technology brings superior abrasion resistance, permanent twist identification and a patent-pending end-for-end indication to this high-visibility rope. EverSteel-X holds 3rd party certifications and is approved for permanent jetty mooring through the Bureau Veritas, with their POSA approval. BV’s POSA framework qualifies the rope for permanent mooring at a jetty, making EverSteel-X the first and only high-performance synthetic rope to achieve this designation. It is also MEG4 tested and certified through ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).  This line offers the highest UV-resistance, and the highest fatigue performance of all Samson mooring lines, and contains Dyneema® DM20 fiber.  All of these features work together to maximize line life and reduce risk.

AmSteel-X, a newly introduced product, combines all the features of Samson’s flagship AmSteel®-Blue, trusted for almost 25 years, and customizes them even further for the mooring environment. AmSteel-X includes new hi-visibility, yarn-level coating for both internal and external abrasion resistance, twist identification, length marking, and end-for-end indication. Made with Dyneema® SK78 fiber, Amsteel-X is MEG4-tested and certified through ABS, and available in all sizes to meet your MBLsd requirements. 

SureSteel brings a third option to the marketplace, when a balance between initial investment and service life required.  Thoroughly tested by Samson, it provides the excellent quality and reliable, consistent performance you expect from Samson lines. SureSteel is MEG4 tested and certified through ABS and is available in all sizes to accommodate your MEG4 requirements.

Together, these Samson products are improving safety and efficiency with every advancement. And, regardless of which line is selected, Samson has the tools to help reduce operational risk even further with active condition and usage monitoring, crew training, and proactive support.  Contact Samson for the latest information on their industry-leading Icaria® program, pairing perfectly with these innovative products. Learn more about these and other new technologies and developments from Samson, compare product attributes, and see what all the excitement is about at

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