Samson Showcases Innovation

Nov 21, 2022

Samson, the strongest name in rope, eager to debut and showcase several innovations at the International Workboat Show – a new and improved Saturn-12™ towing line, ICARIA™ for Workboat – a full suite of digital services dedicated to tug line management, and EVATS ™ Emergency Vessel Attachment and Towing System.

Samson's 12-strand working line, Saturn-12, is now available with enhanced twist identification and the option of sustainable, bio-sourced fiber. Saturn-12 has proven to be one of the longest-lasting, most durable ropes, increasing residual strength by as much as 15-20% compared to other high-performance lines. Its proprietary coating improves abrasion resistance and UV resistance. The new color combination of black and orange makes identifying rope twist in the field easier than ever. Twist can decrease rope strength, and this new safety feature allows for early detection, which will help mitigate line damage. In addition, Saturn-12 is now available with the option of sustainable, bio-sourced fiber. This fiber is sourced from raw materials in the paper and pulp industries and utilizes the mass balance approach. Now, Samson customers can receive more sustainable products with the same superior performance.  

Bio-Sourced Fiber logo on rope 

At Samson, we know that savings on cost per tow are important. And getting the most life from your lines within an important safety profile is where ICARIA for Workboat can help. In addition, using ICARIA for Workboat can help you track line usage, line maintenance, document damage, and provide the data you need to make line retirement decisions.

ICARIA for Workboat includes a new inspection app to ease data collection on usage and condition, CONNECT™, an online portal designed for trend and data analysis, and virtual training with CLASSROOM™, which includes courses designed to build crew competencies. ICARIA for Workboat seamlessly gives users the tools to maintain a safe, cost-effective rope health management system. The ICARIA service platform contributes to enhanced crew and vessel safety, rope health, and line service life. Together, these components, combined with Samson Services, form the new ICARIA for Workboat Service Program, a part of our Rope Health Management initiative.  

Samson App

Samson's EVATS provides a significantly safer, rapidly deployed, more efficient connection method for towing disabled ships. EVATS is designed to have near-universal compatibility with ships' mooring gear arrangements with multiple attachment points on the disabled ship. Additionally, it enables the rescue vessel to maintain safer distances from the disabled ship. EVATS can be deployed from the ship's deck, helicopter, or rescue vessel. Since EVATS' initial introduction, it has been deployed in several successful field exercises and rescue operations.

Visit booth 537 to learn more about how Samson innovations enhance safety, reduce the overall cost of ownership and provide you with a complete line-lifecycle management solution.

About Samson

For 143 years, Samson has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance ropes. Today, Samson engineers continue to pioneer the use of new fiber technology and the development of innovative coatings and constructions to produce ropes with unprecedented performance characteristics. Samson is part of Wind River Holdings® portfolio of operating companies.

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Amber Pitton - Samson
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