Why Synthetic Rope?

Wire vs. synthetic. It’s a study in perception vs. reality. While wire rope would appear to be stronger, that’s simply not the case. High-performance synthetic rope delivers comparable strength and durability, if not more so. Plus, synthetic rope is lighter weight, allowing for more cost-effective applications, improved efficiencies and operating cost, and easier handling for safer working conditions.

Simply put, it is time to retire the wire. Whether you’re responsible for operating efficiency, corporate safety, or engineering, switching to high-performance synthetics just makes sense.

Worried that synthetics can’t possibly perform in your tough application? Just look at our history of convincing old-school wire users in these industries: vessel mooring, tug and towing operations, heavy-duty winch lines, commercial fishing, and more. We’ve been successfully converting rope users for decades, and once they experience the benefits of working with high-performance synthetics, they seldom go back to wire.