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Hi-Tech Purse Line is a non-rotational 12-strand braided construction made of Dyneema® HMPE and Samson’s patented DPXTM fiber technology. Hi-Tech Purse Line has a non-rotating control core that helps it maintain its round shape under load. When compared to traditional polypropylene purse lines, Hi-Tech is much lighter and stronger, allowing downsizing of the line. This weight savings translates into less resistance in the water, easier handling, and lower total cost of operation. The DPXTM fiber technology gives this purse line a high coefficient of friction that aids it in laying back into the net efficiently prior to the next set. This soft flexible construction reduces noise as it moves through the haulers. It floats, has excellent abrasion resistance, low elongation, and superior wear life.

Product Code


Specific Gravity


Fiber (Core/cover)

Polyolefin (Control Core) /HMPE-Polyester Blend


Product Specific Class II

at Percent of break strength
10% 20% 30%
Elastic Elongation
1.00% 1.30% 1.50%

Purse Seine Line

Floats   •   High coefficient of friction   •   Low elastic elongation   •   Low stretch

DIAM.  (INCH) 3/4 7/8 1
WEIGHT PER 100 FT.  (LBS) 12 16 21
AVG. STRENGTH  (LBS) 20,600 25,500 30,400
MIN. STRENGTH  (LBS) 18,500 23,000 27,400

*Spliced strength ** This standard replaces BS EN 919 and ISO 2307:1995 and is for unspliced strengths.

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