Key to maximizing line life and reducing risk, Icaria’s LineCare™ program provides tools, services, and extensive data management to enable continuous improvement through early identification of trends and implementation of mitigation plans. Icaria LineCare can be customized to meet your requirements and can include: 

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Accessible by both office staff and those in the field, Connect is Samson's online portal for keeping track of everything related to the condition of the mooring system. Including everything from maintenance schedules to inspection details, Connect is the home for all incoming and outgoing data pertaining to your ropes health.


As a new tool designed to enable ease of data collection and management, LineTracker™ facilitates condition monitoring and usage tracking through routine inspections and data logging. It includes follow-up consultation regarding product condition and suitability of use (when product condition warrants). 


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Samson offers various destructive and non-destructive ways to assess the suitability of the line for continued use:


Aggregated data will be used to provide analysis and recommendations for improving product service life and managing risk, as well as identifying best practices that can be implemented across the fleet to improve crew safety.


At prescribed intervals or based on product condition,  Samson technicians will perform detailed comprehensive  maintenance services in the field. Product(s) will be inspected fully with all forms of damage documented and,  
when feasible, remedied on-site. 

Inspection AppPreventative maintenance events also include:

• Wear zone management
• Cropping for residual strength testing
• In-person crew training
• Deck equipment condition assessment
• Repairs as needed


Testing and analysis on used products returned from the field at predefined frequencies. These returned line segments  will be utilized in conjunction with inspection and usage  data to help determine the suitability of continued use as  well as refine service life expectations across the fleet. 


If product is damaged and in need of repair (or other maintenance), Samson will 
provide the following services:

• Assessment of product condition and diagnosis of suitability of continued use.
• Determination of appropriate course of action based on customer competencies and maintenance policies.