1878: J.P. Tolman, member of the first graduating class at MIT, founded the J.P. Tolman Company in Massachusetts.


  • ​1884: The company's now-famous trademark depicting Samson slaying a lion is registered.

  • 1888s

    1888: Samson Cordage Works is incorporated in Massachusetts; creates first braided rope with a reinforced core. Spot Cord® is still sold and used today!

  • 1889: American Manufacturing Co. (AMCO) is founded.


  • 1909s
  • 1909: Samson celebrates 25th anniversary with a series of trademark coins—currently displayed at Samson’s headquarters.


  • 1957: Samson develops the first synthetic double-braided rope -- a major innovation for the rope industry.

  • 1957: Samson appeals to the modern housewife with an advertisement in Good Housekeeping.



  • 1962s
  • 1962: Since the Friendship Space program, Samson double-braided ropes have been used to retrieve all NASA space capsules launched to date.


  • 1970: Samson installs new braider with a 21-inch circumference capacity specifically to produce ropes for the offshore oil and commercial marine industries.

  • ​1972: Samson Nystron double-braid rope becomes the first synthetic fiber rope used to moor an oil tanker to a loading Buoy in the North Sea.

  • 1977s

    1977: The first flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle uses lightweight, high-strength Samson ropes to operate the shuttle’s cargo bay doors.


  • 1980: ​​Samson continues to pioneer new technologies, introducing the first High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) ropes, with strengths 3 to 4 times that of conventional nylon and polyester fiber.

  • 1981: ​Round Plait construction is introduced as RP-12, and the Tuck splice is developed with the help of tug crews using the rope in the Panama Canal.

  • 1988: Samson headquarters moves coast-to-coast from Shirley, Mass., to Ferndale, Washington.

  • 1980s


  • 1992: AMCO creates the Ultra Blue product line, 30% stronger than the equivalent polypropylene construction.

  • 1993: Samson Ocean Systems, Herzog Rope, and AMCO merge to form The American Group.

  • 1996: ​Samson develops flagship brand AmSteel®-Blue leveraging benefits of 100% Dyneema® brand HMPE; it is still the most trusted synthetic rope brand on the market.

  • 1997: Receive first ISO certification, with latest certification in 2018 (to ISO 9001-2015).


  • 2001: ​The company returns to its roots and is renamed Samson Rope Technologies.

  • 2003s

    2003: A new proprietary fiber technology, DPXTM, is developed (2003) and patented (2006), incorporating high-strength HMPE fiber with spun polyester to provide a higher coefficient of friction for better grip.

  • 2008s

    2008: M-8 is developed specifically for use with anchoring system to facilitate ROV connections at extreme depths. Its unique design prevents foreign particle ingress.


  • 2010s1

    2010: Samson develops Vulcan, an emergency tow-off pendant made from aramid fiber with a proprietary heat-resistant coating applied to the core.

  • 2010: Samson develops 100% HMPE product, Saturn-12, with proprietary coating to reduce internal abrasion.

  • 2013: Samson launches the Samson App, giving users mobile access to inspection and retirement criteria and splice instructions.

  • 2014: ​Samson partners with Manitowoc Cranes to launch K-100™, the first synthetic hoist rope designed specifically for mobile cranes.

  • 2015s

    2015: ​Fusion-12 is developed to bridge the gap between performance and investment for customers needing an alternative to 100% HMPE.

  • 2017: Samson introduces EverSteel-X, featuring Dyneema DM20 fiber, designed specifically for Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRUs).

  • 2017: National Business Research Institute recognized Samson with its prestigious Circle of Excellence award, based upon our customer rankings in Customer Satisfaction.

  • Helping Mooring

    2018: ​Samson launches integrated technology and service platform, Icaria™, helping mooring customers transition to operational best practices outlined in MEG4.

  • 2018: Sharing the belief that every business can improve their social, economic, and environmental bottom line, Samson releases first annual Sustainability Report.

  • 2018: Samson reaches 8500 HMPE lines in service in the commercial marine industry!

  • 2018s2

    2018: Samson celebrates 140 years in business.