Mooring Line Recoil Safety & Incident Prevention


Mooring line recoil and associated crew safety considerations are important topics that have been gaining attention in the market. Safety is always a top priority for Samson and has always been an operational imperative when we speak with our shipping customers about their needs. And, as it relates to safety, our primary objective is always incident prevention. We address this by designing products that last and by providing tools to proactively identify and manage damage before it becomes a risk for your operation.

We know safety is a priority for you but understanding the technical detail and nuances that may impact your decision-making can be daunting. As an early pioneer in recoil safety products, Samson is well suited to answer critical and frequently asked questions concerning mooring line recoil and tackle the bigger question of safety in mooring operations.


Clarifying recoil misconceptions

Not all ropes marketed as reducing recoil perform the same and it's important to understand the differences in products available in the marketplace.


Patented in 2006, Q-12 Defender is Samson's reduced recoil technology. When this line is subjected to excessive tension loads, the lower elongating fibers will break first, transferring the load to the remaining specially designed control strands. This creates an indication of rope failure before the rope completely separates. Q-12 Defender incorporates Samson's proprietary DPXTM fiber technology on the rope's surface to provide excellent coefficient of friction properties. Additionally, the HMPE fiber provides high strength, superior abrasion resistance, and low elongation.


Q-12 Defender
Mooring Line
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • High coefficient of friction, great for working off bitts and capstans
  • Meets the requirements of the Canadian National Standard CGSB-40.20-2008
  • Reduced recoil property, quantified per cordage Institute Standard 1502

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Join us in our educational video series as we answer some critical and frequently asked questions concerning mooring line recoil and tackle the bigger question of safety in mooring operations.

What is Recoil and Why is it Important?

What are the Dangers/Challenges of Recoil?

What Products/Solutions Exist Today?

Do Current Recoil Solutions Work in all Situations?

Why is Mooring Line Recoil Still a Challenge?

Preventing the Likelihood of Failures

Choosing a Recoil Product

Technical Documents

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with Reduced Recoil Properties

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Consider Samson your partner in the field and on the water. In addition to our new integrated technology and service solution, ICARIA®, we also provide a number of valuable resources to help ensure your operation’s success.