Through years of experience and close customer support, Samson's service team is highly trained and familiar with a wide range of safety procedures from the industries we serve. Our technicians and field sales team are equipped with appropriate PPE and carry many safety accreditations to enable in-field support, including TWIC, BOSIET, OPITO, and MSHA. This knowledge and experience reinforce our emphasis on safety – for ourselves and every customer we serve.



Trained technicians come to assist your crew with product installation, utilization of Samson tools, and crew training to ensure proper care and handling of synthetic ropes.


Technicians will survey all correlating hardware which contacts your synthetic rope products during use to ensure that all surfaces are in adequate working condition. Technicians can also analyze existing hardware and evaluate the appropriate measures for conversion from wire to synthetic lines.


Options for on-site crew training and certification in a wide range of line usage techniques and splicing are available.


Samson's technicians are trained in a wide range of rope applications and can help with application-specific damage investigations. Upon completion, Samson will deliver a detailed inspection report of the line's overall disposition and recommended action.

Maintenance Recommendations
Winch Surface Prep

Based on the assessed condition and damage present, Samson technicians will offer suggested maintenance to ensure your products are safe for continued use. These items—such as rotation, end-for-ending, and repair—can extend the life of your products or reduce risk during use.


When needed, our certified technicians can deploy, crop, and repair products in the field. Samson also offers remote training and certification of your personnel on-site.