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Carefully crafted and sized to provide a safe alternative to retrofitting wire rope wedge sockets
Samson offers an H-Link Adapter that is specifically designed for use with high-performance, high-modulus synthetic ropes terminated with a spliced eye and Blue Line Thimble. The open clevis on the rope side is sized to easily accommodate the 3/4" Blue Line Thimble. The opposite end is sized to match typical open clevis dimensions for wedge sockets utilized with steel-wire rope of similar strength. These parts are marked with a stamped WLL on the part, based on a 5x design factor, which follows with requirements for shackles in the ASME B30.26 – Rigging Hardware safety standard. The assembly includes the clevis link, pins, safety nuts, and cotter pins as shown

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Provides functionality for connecting synthetic rope similar to traditional wedge socket • Threaded pins secured with nut and cotter for safety • inc coated to resist corroinc coated to resist corrosion

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