Whoopie Sling

Adjustable, load-rated two-eye lifting slings. The sling has a permanent eye splice at one end, and an adjustable eye at the other end that allows it to adapt to loads of various sizes. The adjustment allows snug lifting control and minimizes the number of fixed length slings required. Each sling is permanently tagged with its capacity, polybagged and shipped in a carton.

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Whoopie Sling


  • A permanent eye splice at one end and an adjustable eye at the other adapts to varying loads
  • Snug lifting control
  • Minimizes the number of fixed length slings required
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Permanently tagged with capacity
Whoopie Sling Table


Whoopie Sling Angle and Load Table

For angles other than vertical, multiply the rated capacity by the “Load Angle Factor” in the table shown to obtain the reduced rating based on the calculated sling lift angle.

Treerig Sling

Also known as “dead eye” slings, Samson’s TreeRig Sling is fabricated from Samthane-coated Stable Braid and Tenex-TEC. TreeRig Slings come pre-spliced, and are designed to work effectively with Samson climbing lines.

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Stable Braid Treerig 6” Eye Splice

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Stable Braid Treerig Spec Table

Tenex-Tec Treerig 8” Eye Splice

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Tenex-Tec Treerig Spec Table

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