IntelliTag leverages Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capabilities within the tag. Using tap-to-read technology on a smartphone or Near Field Communication (NFC) reader, users will have the ability to identify specifications associated with the line quickly. Additionally, using this smart tagging technology allows crews to streamline rope tracking and end identification.




It is important that the tag being removed from the line has the same identification number as the new tag being Installed. Example: Certificate D12F23-1-1A will need to be found and replaced with the new IntelliTag Certificate D12F23-1-1A.

IntelliTag End Identification
End Identification:
  1. If lines are multi-colored, reference Samson’s technical bulletin titled“Multi-Color Mooring Line Rope End Identification”.
  2. If lines are a solid color, and have not been end-for-ended, “B” is the inboard end, or the end attached to the winch. “A” is the outboard end on the outer-most layer of the winch that goes to shore.
  3. If the lines are solid color and have been end-for-ended (reference main-tenance logs to determine end-for-end status), then the ends are the opposite of step #2. “B” will be the end on the outermost layer that goes to shore, and “A” will be the inboard end attached to the winch.
Intellitag Installation
Tag Installation:
  1. Once you have identified the right tag to replace and the correct end of the rope, the existing tag can be removed or left on the line as backup.
  2. To install the new tag, the felt (soft side of the wrap) will first need to be cut to length. Without sticking the hook and loop together, wrap the felt around the rope of the eye in the same location of the previous tag. Allow for some overlap of the felt (about 1/2–1”). If the overlap is excessive, cut the felt.
  3. Remove the plastic guard on the IntelliTag and attach the hook and loop to the felt.
  4. Press firmly so the tag and felt form a tight bond.
IntelliTag Scanning
Scanning IntelliTag:
  1. Use either the Samson app, intrinsically safe scanner, or download an NFC scanner app onto a mobile phone.
  2. Point the scanner at the Samson logo on the tag, holding the device 1–2” away from the tag.
  3. If the data doesn’t automatically display, press the “scan” button on the device if available.