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Static Towback operations are demanding and dangerous.  Maintaining a Single Buoy Moored (SBM) FPSO/FSO vessel at a safe distance while conducting transfers is no small task.  Once connected to the vessel, the tug requires up to 60% of max tug thrust for a duration of up to 48 hours, many times during heavy ocean swells.  Critical challenges like heat build-up, improper installation, severe load, line rotation, and physical damage can have significant adverse effects on your system. Additionally, the use of traditional steel wire can make operations difficult due to due to drum capacity and the length required to create a sufficient catenary, potential damage to equipment, and above all, risk of injury to the crew during handling.

Samson's synthetic rope Static Towback System provides a significantly safer, easily deployed, more efficient connection method.


Static Tow Back System Schematic

The Main Tow Line constructed of Turbo-RC™, has the firmness and low stretch of wire, yet at 1/6th the weight it spools on winches easily and it floats. Turbo-RC is designed for improved service life in applications where creep results from long-term static loads. Verified by ABS according to MEG4 and type approved by ABS, Turbo-RC is available with the option of sustainable, bio-sourced fiber. 

Connections A and B are made with Link-It™ Soft Shackles. A button-knot soft shackle made from AmSteel®-Blue, Link-It provides a secure, non-abrasive, and lightweight connection method. Also available with the option of sustainable, bio-sourced fiber, each Link-It comes with a rating tag attached and can be used as an overload indicator. 

The Stretcher is a fit-for-purpose component determined by bollard pull. With a braided core and cover, Super Strong™ has excellent shock mitigation, a Pro Gard marine finish, and remains flexible with use. MP-1™ is a non-rotational rope proven to have superior abrasion resistance and strength retention with extensive use.

The Pennant constructed of Saturn-12™ is made with Dyneema® SK78 fiber, which provides improved service life where creep results from long-term static loads. Its proprietary coating improves abrasion resistance and has been enhanced for greater UV resistance. Torque-free, flexible, and easy to handle Saturn-12 is also available with the option of sustainable, bio-sourced fiber.


Static Tow Back



System Specifications

Static Tow Back Table


Samson has been partnering with our customers for over 3 years, to develop and provide the best combination of product solutions for this application with successful customer trials.  Product selection is only a part of these successes as reinforced in the new guidelines.  Our engineering and technical field team are available, remotely if needed, to introduce you to our Static Towback system product packages and provide guidance on the management of these systems, including your towing assembly management plan, line inspection, maintenance tools, and customized residual test programs.

Read more on OCIMF's STAG Guidelines.


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